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ountain Mary Music is based in Eastern Pennsylvania about an hour west of the New York/ Philadelphia area. We are a recording facility, a record label and a publishing company. Our latest CD is a compilation of three of our best artists. The first in this compilation is Jack Murray, who has been playing in bands  for many years and is well-connected to both the East Coast and the Nashville music scenes. He has had a song on the charts, and has collaborated with many of the best singer-songwriters in the area. The second is Bonnie Wren, who has performed and recorded in upstate New York, Santa Barbara, CA, and here in Pennsylvania. One of her songs is a duet with Ben Arnold. Ben plays all over the country, and has recently released his latest CD, Calico, which was recently featured as WXPN's CD of the month. Bonnie also did some back-up vocals for the new Tom Rush CD, soon to be released. The third artist is Tony Minner, who hails from this neck of the woods and has played in bands here for years. He has just started recording his own songs and they are some of the best stuff any of us have ever heard.

Check our links for info about our amazing group of artists, and check out the sample tracks. You won't be sorry!!